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Welcome to your  Parish Councils News Page.  The content of this page is provided by the Clerk to the Parish Council 

Julia Talbot

You may contact her here by email.

by phone on 0771553470

or by Royal Mail at the following address

51 Bleakley Lane, Notton Wakefield WF4 2NU

This page will be updated as soon as there are changes which are relevant to the communities of Barnburgh and Harlington and as soon as the Parish Clerk is at liberty to release any notifications she has received.


Updated on: 20:05:2017

Julia Talbot  07715573470 or email

Annual Parish Meeting

Wednesday 24th May 2017

In the Village Hall, at 7.00pm.


1.  Welcome

2.     Councillor Trevor Heptinstall, Chairperson of the Parish Council will present the ‘Report’, on the past years (2016/17) activities of the Parish Council.

3.     Recreation Ground Restoration.

4.     Carnival Organising Committee – report by Chairman of the Organising Committee Mr John Luty.

5.     Village Hall – report by Councillor Llewellyn/Roper Parish Council representative to the Village Hall Management committee.

6.     Financial Statement 2016/17 – report by the Parish Clerk

7.     Open Forum – The opportunity to raise issues that concern you


DMBC Information about dog fouling'

Dog faeces is not only unsightly and unpleasant but it can lead to toxocariasis - a serious illness which usually affects children and can lead to blindness.

Guidance for dog owners

dogs should never be allowed in public areas unsupervised

. Dog Wardens will seize stray dogs

. if dog fouling occurs away from home the owner is required by law to clean it up

.  bagged faeces can be deposited in to nearest litter bin or taken home - but should not be left behind  

Report it

You can report dog fouling by filling in the following e-form: 

Report dog fouling Here


Refusing to pick up dog waste is a punishable offence. 

. fixed penalty of £50 is imposed on anyone not cleaning up after their dog with a further penalty of £1,000 if the fine is not paid - follow the link for information about fixed penalty notices.

. offenders who refuse to pay or are uncooperative may be taken to court

Land covered by the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 includes all highways in the borough, as well as footpaths and bridleways, country parks, sports fields, open spaces, children’s play areas and village greens


Vacancy for Parish Councillor


The council can now fill the vacancy by co-option, which is a process whereby the council considers applications from interested persons and can then select someone to fill the seat.

If you are interested in becoming a parish councillor, please write to the parish council and include a few details of why you would like to become a councillor.

If you need any information about being a councillor or just want more information about the role, please contact Julia Talbot, Clerk to the Council on the above number/email

Julia Talbot
Clerk to Council