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Following Local Government protocol, the minutes of all  Parish Council meetings must be approved at the next meeting before they can be published.

After each meeting of the Parish Council,  the clerk or any councillor charged with specific responsibilities will take any necessary action and report back to the meeting

Anyone attending the meetings will be able to hear the minutes being discussed and reports of any matters that have arisen as a result of the Parish Councils earlier  actions or deliberations.

Once the minutes are agreed as a true record of the previous meeting,  the 'Clerk to the Parish Council is required to publish them.  Like the agenda, copies of the minutes are posted on notice boards around both villages and on this site.

The meetings are administered by the 'Clerk to the Parish Council  if you have any issues you wish to raise with the Parish Council please contact them via the clerk Julia Talbot.

 phone : 07715573470 or by email : The Parish Clerk



Barnburgh & Harlington Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the

 11th October 2017

in the Village Hall, Barnburgh.   

Present Councillors-T Heptinstall (Chair), G. Heptinstall, A. Pick, W.Roper, K.Wright

Parish Clerk- J Talbot

Ward Councillors-0.

Members of the Public-0 

Public participation

None were present. 

164/10/17-Chairman’s reminder of the Council’s expectations for the audio or visual recording of the meeting.

165/10/17 - Apologies for absence

Parish Councillors:- L.Richards, J.Llewellyn.

District Councillor Ransome.

Apologies accepted by the Parish Council.

166/10/17– Declarations of pecuniary, non-pecuniary, personal and prejudicial interest.

None were noted.

167/10/17 – Exclusions

None were noted.

168/10/17 – Previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 13th September 2017 were agreed as a true record and duly signed by the Chair.

169/10/17-To receive information on the following ongoing issues matters and decide further action where necessary.

1 - To receive details from the SYP Crime and Incident Report.

1x off road bike seized Mill Lane Harlington driver summoned to court for driving offences.

4x theft of motor vehicles 3 of which were motor bikes from the same garage.

2x theft from motor vehicles

1x criminal damage to motor vehicle.

2-To receive information on signs for the recreation ground.

Signs discussed for the different areas of the playarea, it was agreed to get quotes for two age related signs and a welcome to the play area with the restricted items added. The RoSPA inspection report is due, it was noted that the Parish Council would consider what is advised by RoSPA

3-To receive a progress report on the Cemetery Wall.

The wall is now complete, an inspection has taken place and the invoice added to finance. All agreed to contact the resident that has added a down pipe over the cemetery wall as the water could seriously affect the graves underneath the gutter pipe.

4-To consider information regarding the boundary allocation by DMBC and agree action.

This matter is ongoing, further legal advice agreed to be obtained

5-To consider memorial requests for the cemetery and agree action.

The clerk presented details of the memorial requests to be approved. All agreed for a site visit for a request for a bench on the village green next to the water pump.

6- To receive information relating to the Hs2 committee meeting.

It was noted that the Hs2 committee event was recorded by the press. The committee have request further donations, all agreed to pay further funding with the productions of receipts.

Contact has been made by Hs2 liaison officer, the Clerk to liaise with contact to establish a meeting date.

The crowd funding emails to be forwarded to the Hs2 Committee.

7-To consider information regarding the website and agree any action.

Clerk to send Cllr Pick details of sections to be added to set up an example website. Contact to be made with current webmaster to establish position of current website.

8-To receive an update on re-varnishing of the benches in the Parish.

Cllr T Heptinstall confirmed there were 10 benches in the parish, all need to be renovated. Quotes to be obtained to carry out the work.

9-To receive information regarding the school bus route.

Cllr G Heptinstall updated the meeting on the route of the school bus, maps produced and other route considered.


170/10/17. Financial Matters

To approve accounts for payment:-

Payments to be approved


Chq No.



Clerks Salary



Clerks Expenses




Gardener salary







Pension Payments




Yorkshire Water /Allotment




External Audit




Cemetery Wall

McCarthy Builders




Lawn mower repairs




Penalty payment




Electric /recreation ground

Scottish Power.





Bank Reconciliation

Community account

Opening Balance


Total Receipts


Total  Payments




Closing Balance




Other account Balances


Community savings account


carnival Account


Current Account


Total all accounts


6 month review  2017/18


Balance BF


Total Receipts


Precept payment /receipt




Total Payments




Unpresented Cheques













a. To approve and complete a new bank mandate-All Councillors in attendance completed the form Cllr Richards and Llewellyn to complete.


171/10/17. Information relating to the External Audit

The Clerk confirmed that the notice of the conclusion of the audit has been received and added to the notice boards.


172/10/17.To consider a cemetery Policy and procedures.

A copy of the draft policy has been added to all councillor packs to consider for the next meeting. Raised were the working methods of the grave diggers and their insurance details.


173/10/17. To receive information relating to the allotments and agree action.

A plot has not been cultivated; a letter has been sent to the tenants. All agree to send a further letter recorded delivery with a termination date if no response is received.


174/10/17. To receive information on the youth shelter-Cllr Roper.

Ongoing matter to be removed from the agenda until further information is received.


175/10/17. To consider and decide upon the following planning applications.

·        17/02341/FUL-11, Cambridge Close, Harlington DN5 7JX-Erection of a single story extension to rear and conversion of garage to utility room. No Objections noted.

176/10/17. To receive the following planning decisions/information.

·        17/01909/FUL-14, Hickleton Road, Barnburgh. Doncaster DN5 7EH-Erection of single storey front and side wrap around extension and erection of single storey rear extension following demolition of existing rear and side extensions. Granted


·        17/01830/FUL, Doncaster Road, Harlington. Erection of storage /garage following demolition of the existing three stable blocks. Awaiting Decision


177/10/17.To consider matters as requested by Councillors

·        Wall at Church lane –Cllr Llewellyn –all agreed to report through My Doncaster App.

·        Barnburgh Tip Bridleway-The Clerk reported on the response from DMBC on the bridleway as requested by Parish Councillors regarding usage of the bridleway.


178/10/17. To consider the following new correspondence received and decide action where necessary.

The Clerk presented correspondence received in addition information, forwarded to all Parish Councillors prior to the meeting.

·        YLCA-South Yorkshire branch meeting.

·        Inspector Jones-Signage to deter illegal motor bikes. Chair to liaise with all parties to confirm position and installation.

·        YLCA-NALC chief executive bulletin 32.

·        YLCA-NALC chief executive bulletin 33.

·        Friends of the Earth FOI request.

·        Resident-concerns regarding Cambridge Close. A response has been sent by the Parish Council to all copied into the original email. (Mayor Ros Jones, Ward Cllr Ransome and Lisa Carter) No response has been received from DMBC.

·        Hs2 –Engagement with the Parish Council. To Consider.

·        YLCA-White Rose newsletter.

·        DMBC-Dog bag Dispenser-All agreed to adding dispensers, requested was the position.

·        Message from website-Crowd Justice.


179/10/17.To consider any minor matters and matters for the inclusion on the agenda of the next meeting and agree deadline for notifying Clerk of additional items.

·        To confirm details of the Christmas light switch on/carols on the green.

·        Moving of stones for motor bike access to the craggs.

·        Clerks appraisal

·        Defibrillator

·        Concerns raised regarding garage at Harlington –All agreed for a letter to be sent to DMBC.

·        Dustbin lorry taking the render off a house at Hall Street.DMBC to be contacted.

·        Trees covering street light, to be report via My Doncaster App.


The deadline for agenda items from Councillors is 2nd November. 2017.

180/10/17. To confirm the date of the next meeting as Wednesday 8th November 2017

at 7.00 pm.