Meeting Agenda

The Parish Council meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month and, unless published beforehand, will always meet in the village hall. Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings however space is limited but the council will try to accommodate you if you attend.

Prior to the Parish Council Meetings your local 'Ward Councillors'  hold a surgery where they are pleased to hear any comments you may have about local matters.

This page is updated prior to every meeting and notices of the agenda are posted on the notice boards situated throughout both villages.

The meetings are administered by the 'Clerk to the Parish Council  if you have any issues you wish to raise with the Parish Council please contact them via the clerk Julia Talbot.

 phone : 07715573470 or by email : The Parish Clerk


The next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council will take place on

Wednesday 12th July 2017

in The Village Hall, Barnburgh commencing at 7:15 pm

A Councillors Surgery will be held from 6.45pm to 7.00pm for Members of the Public to discuss concerns with Parish Councillors. (Sprotborough Ward Councillors ‘Advise Surgery’ from 6.30pm)

The agenda will include the following items:

The agenda:

1.      Chairman’s reminder of the Council’s expectations for the audio or visual recording of this meeting.

2.      To receive apologies and approve reasons for absence.

3.      To determine the extent to which, if any, members of the public and the press be excluded.

4.      To receive any declarations of interest not already declared under the Council’s Code of Conduct or members’ Register of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests.

5.      To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 12th June 2017 as a true and correct record.

6.      To receive information on the following ongoing issues and decide further action where necessary:

6.1 -  To receive details from the SYP Crime and Incident Report – Clerk

6.2- To receive any information on investigations into ownership of land behind Cambridge Close and agree any action - Cllr T Heptinstall

6.3-To consider action relating to the container at the recreation ground. Clerk

6.4-To receive information on the bins and signs for the recreation ground. Clerk

6.5-To receive a progress report on the Cemetery Wall and decide action required -Cllr T Heptinstall/Clerk.

6.6-To consider quotes for a notice board in the cemetery. Clerk

6.7-To consider memorial requests for the cemetery and agree action. Clerk

6.8- To appoint a representative for the Hs2 committee.

6.9-To receive information relating to the Christmas Lights repairs and agree action. Clerk

6.10-To receive information relating to the carnival Committee and agree action.Clerk,Cllr Roper

6.11-To consider the future of the website and face book page.

7.Financial Matters

a.      To approve the following accounts for payment

a.      Clerk’s salary 1st – 30th  June   2017 and Inland Revenue

b.      Gardener/Handyman salary 1st _30th  June 2017  and Inland Revenue

c.      Schedule of payments salary 1st _30th  June    2017 

d  To receive a bank reconciliation and budget comparison to 30th June   2017  

8. To receive an update on the Casual Vacancy on the Parish Council.

9. To receive information relating to the Allotments.

10. To receive information on tree felling quotes for the cemetery and the green.

11. To receive information on the youth shelter-Cllr Roper.

12.To consider and decide upon the following planning applications:

17/01472/FUL-Hamar,Doncaster Road,Barnburgh-Erection of a single storey extension to front elevation as well as enlargement of and alterations to the existing garage.


13.To receive the following planning decisions/information – Clerk

17/01185/FUL-Willowdene, Church lane Harlington, erection of dwelling to the rear of Willowdene.Approved.

17/01122/LBC-Plane Tree Farm-High Street Barnburgh, Listed building consent for proposed re roofing to the barn. Awaiting Decision

17/01189/FUL-5,Doncaster Road,Barnburgh,Proposed enlargement of windows to rear, proposed cellar tanking and conversion with improved lightwells,internal upgrade and new provision of off street parking and turning head/non access driveway to rear gardens following demolition of stone wall. Awaiting Decision

14.To consider matters as requested by Councillors. 

15. To consider the following new correspondence received and decide action where necessary. 

16. To propose any matters minor matters and for inclusion on the agenda of the next meeting and agree deadline for notifying Clerk of additional items. 

17. To confirm the date of the next meeting as Wednesday 9th August 2017 at 7.00 pm.