Our Parish Council

Meets at 7.00pm on the second Wednesday of each month.   Why not come along to the meetings and express your support or air your concerns. Though the village hall is small we will try to accommodate you come along, Everyone is welcome.

Representatives from our community make up the Parish Council. They are joined at their meetings by ward councillors who represent our views at Doncaster Metropolitan Council Meetings.

Ward Councillors hold a surgery at about 6.45pm prior to the start of the Parish Council Meeting.  If you wish you may attend these surgeries to consult your district representatives about wider matters. You may also consult parish councillors at the same time.

The dates of Parish Council Meetings 2017 are : 

11th January - 8th February - 8th March - 12th April - 10th May - 14th June - 12th July - 9th August -13th September - 11th October - 8th November - 13th December

The councils is administered by the Clerk to the Parish Council. Julia Talbot . Contact her here


Your Parish Councillors

Trevour Heptinstal
Gill Heptinstal
John llewellyn
Deputy Chair
Louise Richards
bill roper
William Roper 
Julia Talbot
Parish Clerk

Meeting Agendas

The agenda for every meeting is displayed on the notice boards found at the school gates, the Church Hall, Manor Farm Harlington and High St Barnburgh.  The agenda is also  published here prior to the meetings

Minutes of Meetings

You can read the minutes of the last meeting of the parish council. By convention minutes of meetings have to be agreed by the council before they are published so they will appear out of date when published but they are a true record of the previous meeting.

Council Policy Documents

The Parish Council have published their policy documents and in accordance with their belief in business transparency, you can read them here
The Parish Council is obliged to publish an annual return showing it's audited financial status each year. You can read the latest copy here

Model Publication

We have adopted the governments Model Publication Scheme which; sets out the types of information we routinely publish; explains the way we provide the information; states what charges we may make for providing information; and commits us to providing and maintaining the guide , how we provide it and any charges arising

You can read a copy here and... you can see a Register of Councillors Interests here