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 The Parish Council is member of the Joint Rural Parish Action Group that was formed to represent the 15 Parishes that are in North West Doncaster.   You can read the latest news and updates on this page.

 Our Representative on the Joint Rural Parish meetings is Councillor Claire White



HS2 Update - April 2017

HS2 have been in the news again this month after CH2M, the company handed the £170 million HS2 contract, pulled out of the project after allegations of a conflict of interest. Baroness Randerson subsequently raised the issue in the House of Lords – see the discussion here.

The Transport Select Committee (TSC) have also confirmed that they will be holding an oral evidence session on 19th April, when they will be questioning Chris Grayling and David Higgins over the irregularities. Details yet to be confirmed.

Analysis by the Woodland Trust revealed HS2 could impact on South Yorkshire woodland that has existed since 1600, including Stables Wood in Barnburgh. Read the article here.

The latest reports suggest that the start date for construction works is now 2 years behind schedule and work on Phase One will not start until the Summer of 2019 at the earliest. Read the article here. This would suggest that Phase Two would also be at least 2 years behind schedule meaning that work would not start until 2025-2035, but this is not confirmed.

A decision on which route HS2 will take was expected to be announced in Summer of 2017 but it was recently reported that the decision will not now be made until the end of this year.

HS2 Update March 2017

In March we received the following notice from HS2:

As part of HS2’s commitment to limit the impact of the project on the natural environment, a series of environmental surveys are required to progress the design and environmental assessment. In preparation for gathering data that will inform the Environmental Impact Assessment for Phase 2b ecology, consultants will be walking Public Rights of Way undertaking visual observations to gather initial ecological information about woodland habitats in the surrounding locality. This may enable them to make an early judgement on their quality and the likelihood that these woodlands support notable breeding bird assemblages.

The information gained from these visual observations will be used to inform whether there is a need to seek land access to the woodland sites and tailor the survey effort to provide baseline information. The use of footpaths to gather preliminary data will be in addition to the completion of the prescribed breeding bird surveys on woodland sites where full land access has already been secured. Both survey methods will be employed to gather as much data as possible.

An information sheet is available through the Helpdesk and any members of the public enquiring about the purpose of the visual surveys will be advised by the consultants that

The consultants will have Helpdesk cards and will advise members of the public that they can contact the Helpdesk for additional information


More than 600 HS2 response forms were handed in, which we posted off on Friday 3rd March, with lots more people saying they have written in personally, emailed or responded online.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone involved in this fabulous response, including B&H Parish Council, B&H Against HS2 Action Group, Ward Councillor Cynthia Ransome, Barnburgh Primary School for letting us hold meetings there and Weldricks Chemist, Barnburgh, Harlington Inn The Village Store, Harlington, and Crown Inn Barnburgh for being a pick-up/drop-off point.

Watch this space for updates on the decision on the proposed HS2 route through our villages.


HS2 Update - March 2017 - Email from Ed Miliband

Dear all, 

As you know, the deadline for submissions to the HS2 consultation was Thursday.I’ve attached a copy of my own submission, which was signed by a number of other MPs.

These links will take you to the comprehensive submissions made by Doncaster Council and Rotherham Council.

I also want to reassure you that even though the formal consultation is over, my work in fighting this route is carrying on.

I recently met with Andrew Jones, the minister under Chris Grayling, and last Thursday I met Sir David Higgins, for the third time, in Parliament to outline our case. 

In the coming weeks I will be meeting with Mr Jones again, along with the Joint Rural Parishes Action Group. I will also be asking for a further meeting with Mr Grayling before he makes his final decision. 

I am proud of the case we have worked on together and I want to thank you for your support. 

I’d also like to thank everyone who has sent me messages, and contacted me with suggestions and advice for my own submission, in recent weeks.

As always, if there are others who would like to be added to this mailing list, please ask them to email me.

Best wishes,Ed Miliband MP for Doncaster North

You can read the letter  from Local MP's opposing the route change  here

HS2 Update - February 2017 - Form Completion Guidance

For those that may not be sure what to put on their consultation forms here is some helpful hints on how to complete your consultation forms.
pdf format here.
word document here.
Remember every member of your family living at the same address can complete the forms.. even children! Try to make them read differently or they will be logged as one consultation return.


HS2 Update - February 2017

On 3rd Feb – Met with Neil Firth (Head of Service, Major Projects & Investment) from DMBC (representing Barnburgh & Harlington as part of the Joint Rural Parish Action Group) to share information for them to create a submission against HS2.

Also on 3rd Feb - Met with HS2 Engagement Managers for them to present an explanation of the figures that had been disputed at the presentation meeting on 20th Jan at Council Chambers. We were able to gather information to send to Ed Miliband before his speech in the House of Commons on 6th Feb.

On 6th Feb - Ed Miliband secured a spot right at the end of the House of Commons debate when he did a great job in getting our main points across to the Transport Minister, Andrew Jones. He is now in the process of setting up a further meeting with the Mr Jones to go through the points in more detail. During the debate, Mr Jones confirmed that Meadowhall is definitely still on the table.

Watch the debate here - https://goo.gl/g5yc4k

Read the transcript here >>>>


The Official HS2 Roadshow is being held between 12-8pm on Friday 10th February at Pastures Hotel, Mexborough where there will be sound booths and visuals of how the train will look as it goes through our villages.

Drop In Sessions to help people complete response forms are being held:

The Village Hall

The Crown

Tues 7th Feb 10-11am
 9th Feb 2-4pm
 14th Feb 10-11am
 16th Feb 7-8pm

Tues 7th Feb 6.30-9.30pm
Wed 8th Feb 5-8pm
Wed 15th Feb 5-8pm
Thurs 23rd Feb 6.30-9pm

HS2 UPDATE – January 2017 (3)

On 20th Jan – Attended a presentation by HS2 to the Mayor, Ed Miliband and Councillors in Doncaster Council Chambers where we were able to challenge HS2 and the proposed route. After the meeting HS2 were heard to say that we had ‘their heads in our hands’!

On 26th Jan – Presented details about HS2 to Hickleton Villagers who wished to protest both for themselves and in support of our villages, especially having heard that Hickleton was one of the 8 designated ‘potential sites’ for a Parkway station.

On 26th Jan - Attended the Barnburgh & Harlington Against HS2 Action Group meeting where 20+ volunteers agreed to undertake the following:

·         Create a flier to be printed and delivered to every household in the villages

·         Visit every home in the villages with forms, to offer help filling  in, collecting them or anything else

·         Hold 8 drop-in sessions at The Village Hall and The Crown (day and evening) to help people fill forms in

·         Posters be put up around the village advertising the drop-in sessions

·         Give presentation to members of B&H WI on 20th Feb

·         Give presentation to Cadeby PC and Villagers as they wish to support our protest

HS2 UPDATE – January 2017 (2) Q and A from School Meeting Jan 9th

Question 1

A lot of people in the village have been receiving correspondence from HS2 but not everyone. We were told that this was because only people within 1km of the proposed track were being included. However, there were people at the meeting last night who live well within 1km but are not receiving letters. They are much closer than others that are receiving letters.

HS2 Answer - We have received reports that some residents within this area have not received letters, we would encourage anybody who thinks they (or someone they know) should have received a letter to get in touch with us on 0207 944 4908 so we can investigate why and make sure we provide information for these residents.

Question 2

Can you please confirm that there will be (and how many) sound booths at the Pastures Hotel meeting on 10th February, and that they will demonstrate specifically what the noise will be for Barnburgh residents.

HS2 Answer - There will be sound booths available at the event on the 10th February.

Question 3

We have told people that they have to use black in to complete the forms so that the computers can read the information. Residents questioned how computers will be able to read their paragraphs and if actual people will be going through their responses to note their objections.

HS2 Answer - This is not true, the information is read by people rather than computers so people can fill them in any ink.

Question 4

We have the map view of the planned route but many people would like to see a view of what the countryside will look like with the train in place. Could you give me a link to somewhere that shows this?

HS2 Answer - Representations of what the train will look like as it passes through the countryside is featured in the sound booth at our events, including the one on the 10th February in Mexborough.

Question 5

If the result of the consultation is that the route will still go ahead through Barnburgh, will there be further consultations on what the construction with actually look like, so that residents will be able to have their say about it? Some residents are worried that they simply want to oppose the route but also don’t want to miss the opportunity to influence how the construction would look like if it were to go ahead.

HS2 Answer - Yes, there will be briefings throughout the design process for us to take on people’s view and advice. In particular there will be consultation on the draft Environmental Statement for people to have their say and for us to explain our design decisions at that point of design.

Question 6

We have had a meeting to give people information and handed out consultation forms for people to complete themselves. We have set up collection points around the village with the intention of helping people out by gathering their forms and sending them all off to you together. It has been suggested that if we do this, it will be construed as ‘one response’ even though people have marked the form to say they are not part of a group. Please can you confirm the situation.

HS2 Answer - If you send the responses in together, they will be counted as ‘individual responses’. The likelihood is that they will be grouped in the report which will be published following the consultation.  This doesn’t devalue the responses, it’s a recognition of areas that have managed to come together and make multiple responses.

HS2 UPDATE – January 2017 (1)

Posters advertising the upcoming village meeting were designed and printed and posted around the village and in local shops, pubs and the chemist. The meeting details were also advertised frequently on the Barnburgh and Harlington Facebook page.

A village meeting was held at 7pm on Monday 9th January 2017 chaired by Ward Councillor Cynthia Ransome and supported by Barnburgh & Harlington Parish Councillors and media expert and Harlington resident Lynn Hall. Over 100 residents attended and were given a full update on the HS2 situation, instructions on how best to complete and submit the consultation forms.

On leaving, everyone was given a pack containing brochures and forms for completion for both the Route Refinement and Property Consultation, along with a flier summarising the main points from the meeting and the details of our Facebook page.

A number of comments were recorded and will be put to the HS2 Engagement Managers for clarification and the answers posted on the Facebook page and website.

Everyone was advised that completed forms could be handed in at the drop-off points of Harlington Shop, Barnburgh Chemist, Harlington Inn and The Crown, and encouraged to take additional packs for residents who had been unable to attend, or who they felt might need help in completing the forms.

A reminder was given of the collection deadline of 1st March and direct posting deadline of 9th March.

You can view a copy of all the information that was given out at the meeting here

Most computers can open .pdf files, but if yours cannot, simply download the app here

**NB – Be sure to untick the boxes in the Optional Offers section if you don’t want to download those as well.

HS2 UPDATE – December 2016

After the announcement from Chris Grayling that the newly proposed route was now to go to Consultation (meaning a set period of time was being given for residents of affected areas to respond to specific questions on official forms), a meeting was held with HS2 engagement managers on 14th December when more detailed questions were asked about the route and the consultation process.

Arrangements were then made for a village meeting to be held in early January to update residents on the HS2 situation, hand out consultation forms and give advice on how to complete and return them within the set deadline.

An announcement was made regularly on Facebook that a village meeting about HS2 was being arranged for early January.

HS2 UPDATE – November 2016

Following the visit to Downing Street with the petition against HS2 the Parish council have received the following reply from Chris Grayling the Transport Minister and had an email from Ed Miliband the MP for Doncaster North who has supported the combined efforts of the Parish Council and the Joint Rural Parish Councils.

You can read the replies here.

HS2 UPDATE – July to October 2016 (JRP Action Group)

On 19th July we attended the HS2 Public Meeting in Mexborough.

On 26th July we met with our MP Ed Miliband to discuss this new route option.

Following this we invited HS2 Ltd to attend a community meeting at Barnburgh Primary School on the 1st August to address residents’ concerns and to ask HS2 about the new route in more detail.

Following the meetings it became apparent that the vast majority of Doncaster people were so appalled at the prospect of this new route that something had to be done to highlight this issue.

We then co-ordinated an on-line petition and created a JRP Action Group Facebook page and web site.

We created several template letters of objection to the proposed new route which the Barnburgh & Harlington HS2 Action Group delivered by hand around the villages. A lot of time was spent going “door to door” to inform residents, asking their opinion and for their support, collecting their letters of objection and petition signatures.

We created posters and flyers which were distributed and displayed everywhere possible, to inform Doncaster people of HS2’s proposal.

We did everything we could to get the message out to everyone in Doncaster through the local media, both newspapers and radio, as well as parish newsletters and regularly posted updates on Facebook.

We wrote to every Parish Council within the Doncaster borough to encourage their engagement.

Following Rotherham Council’s unanimous objection to the new HS2 route, Doncaster also held a Full Council meeting on the 15th September, where Doncaster Council, voted in its entirety against the new proposed HS2 route. At this Council meeting, the JRP asked Mayor Ros Jones and councillors to sign a letter of objection.

We participated at the meeting held on 29th September at Mexborough, where the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, MP Ed Miliband along with several Councillors reiterated their objection to the proposed new HS2 route through Doncaster.

We engaged and supported other groups who represented the communities directly affected by this option and who also opposed this proposed new route.

We attended a demonstration march to support the Bramley group against HS2. We organised the printing and making of placards & banners with the names of all our member parishes, which we carried along the route.

All the members of our group worked tirelessly to gather reports and information to assist us in our endeavours. This was a really difficult task as HS2 were reluctant and often refused to release information or reports.

Having researched and considered the data, we formulated a comprehensive written response, from the Joint Rural Parishes (representing all member parishes) in opposition to the proposed new route.

We collected signed resident letters and petitions of objection, together with a copy of our response and addressed them to the Prime Minister.

We attended a further meeting with MP Ed Miliband to hand over a box of nearly 4,500 signed letters and petitions, along with a copy of our response to give to Chris Grayling, the Secretary of State for Transport, at Mr Miliband’s scheduled meeting with him the following week.

On 18th October we travelled to 10 Downing Street and hand-delivered the signed letters for the personal attention of the Prime Minister, Theresa May.

Throughout all our activities we have worked closely with the local press, radio and TV stations to ensure our opposition to HS2 has remained in the news, and to encourage as many people as possible to back our campaign.

HS2 UPDATE – September 2016

During 3 frantic weeks in September the B&H Action Group worked tirelessly to hand deliver pre-printed letters to everyone in Barnburgh & Harlington, discuss the situation with residents and return to collect the letters in.

HS2 UPDATE – August 2016

On 1st August 2016, Sprotbrough Ward Councillor Cynthia Ransome, with the help of the Barnburgh & Harlington Parish Council, held a community meeting at Barnburgh Primary School where a small number of HS2 representatives attended. The large number of concerned residents that attended meant that the meeting had to be held in two parts, with residents making their opposition to the proposed route very clear. Councillor Ransome has since helped a number of residents to start to create an Action Group to help the fight against HS2 in our area.

Councillor Claire White of the Parish Council is acting as liaison between the Parish Council, Joint Rural Parishes and the Action Group to help share information so that we can all pull in the same direction.

 HS2 UPDATE – July 2016

On 7th July 2016 the Government announced that it was to consider different options for the route of the second phase of the proposed High Speed train (HS2) which would impact severely on a number of Parishes in this area, and particularly our own. 

Barnburgh & Harlington Parish Council is unanimously against the HS2 project and is helping to support the work of the Joint Rural Parishes in their bid to fight the decision as a combined, and therefore stronger, group.

The Joint Rural Parishes include:

Adwick on Dearne, Barnburgh & Harlington, Brodsworth,  Cadeby, Clayton & Frickley, Hickleton, High Melton, Hooton Pagnell, Marr, Pickburn, Skelbrooke & Hampole, Sprotbrough & Cusworth

List of useful contacts and links for further information:

Barnburgh & Harlington Community Facebook page

Stop HS2 - The website of the National Action Group

HS2 Action Alliance - The website of the alliance group formed in 2010 to gather evidence on HS2

HS2 Ltd - The company managing the imposition of the White Elephant

Doncaster MBC  Doncaster Council website

Doncaster MBC -Twitter Account

Doncaster MBC - Facebook

Mayor Ros Jones  - Twitter

Sprotbrough Ward Councillor Cynthia Ransome -

Sprotbrough Ward Councillor Jonathan Wood -