The Pinfold

The Pinfold BarnburghThe Pinfold can still be seen a little way up Hickleton Road on the left hand side.
These Pin or Penfolds were used for impounding straying cattle or horses, and at one time the village would employ a Pinder (or Pounder) whose job it was to impound any straying beasts and look after them until the owner was found.

If a person found cattle straying on his land he had the right to impound them until the owner recompensed him for any damage done. The owner had the right, however, to enter the pound (or pinfold) for the purpose of feeding and watering his cattle, but it was a punishable offence for him to remove them without permission, or until a settlement had been reached. Indeed that law still stands.

A old tale is that some locals used break down a farmers fence, drive out the animals and send them down the road where a member of the gang would find them and take them to the pinfold. When they informed the farmer they had 'found' his animals. The farmer would reward them!  Money that went into one of the 3 pubs in Barnburgh no doubt!