Barnburgh & Harlington Parish Council


Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council meeting held on the 11th May 2016, in the Village Hall Barnburgh.

Present - Councillor G Heptinstall, J Scott, G. Taylor, R Wilkinson, J Llewellyn and Clerk Mrs J. Talbot.

Ward Cllr Ransome.

001/05/16 - To elect a Chairman for the coming year.

Councillor J Scott was duly elected and signed the ‘declaration of acceptance of office’.


002/05/16 - To elect a Vice-Chairman for the coming year.

Councillor J Llewelyn was duly elected.


003/05/16 - To elect a representative to serve on the Village Hall Committee.

Councillor J Llewellyn duly elected.


004/05/16 - To elect a representative to the South Yorkshire Branch Yorkshire Local Councils Associations.

Clerk to send out information relating to SYYLCA correspondence, all councillors to be responsible for representation. To be delegated ongoing.


005/05/16 - To elect a representative and substitute to the DMBC Parish Councils Joint Consultative Committee.

Councillor J Scott was duly elected. It was agreed that in the event of Councillor Scott being unable to attend Parish Councillors would be contacted to determine a substitute.


006/05/16– To elect a representative to DMBC Public Rights of Way Forum.

It was agreed that Clerk would circulate documents on receipt, any Councillor then wishing to attend to advise Clerk.


007/05/16 – Crime and Community Lead Member

It was agreed that all Councillor to be responsible for the duty.


008/05/16 – To review and elect representatives/contacts to relevant groups as listed: -

It was agreed that all Councillors would be advised of the above meetings and those available would attend.

009/05/16 – The Parish Council formally adopted the Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Code of Conduct, Community Engagement Strategy, Complaints Procedure and Training Statement.

It was agreed that the above documents require updating, to be added to the next agenda for formal adoption. All Parish Councillors will be provided with an electronic copy prior to the next meeting, also a copy of the policy documents to be placed on the Community website.

Any Parish Councillor wishing to receive meeting ‘summons’ and agenda papers electronically to make formal request to Clerk.

010/05/16 – General Power of Competence

The Parish Council formally agreed the following minute: -