Barnburgh & Harlington Parish Council


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the Wednesday 13th September 2017, in the Village Hall, Barnburgh.


Present Councillors-T Heptinstall (Chair), G. Heptinstall, A. Pick.

Parish Clerk- J Talbot

Ward Councillors-Cllr Ransome.

Members of the Public-0


Public participation

None were present.


147/09/17-Chairman’s reminder of the Council’s expectations for the audio or visual recording of the meeting.


148/09/17 - Apologies for absence

Parish Councillors W.Roper, L.Richards, J.LLewellyn, K.Wright.

District Councillor Ransome.

Apologies accepted by the Parish Council.


149/09/17– Declarations of pecuniary, non-pecuniary, personal and prejudicial interest.

None were noted.


150/09/17 – Exclusions

None were noted.


151/09/17 – Previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 8th August 2017 were agreed as a true record and duly signed by the Chair.


152/09/17-To receive information on the following ongoing issues matters and decide further action where necessary.

a.To receive details from the SYP Crime and Incident Report.

1x Theft from motor vehicle Cranemore Close.
1x Interference with motor vehicle Cranemore Close.
1x Burglary Doncaster Road.
1x attempt Burglary Fitzwilliam Drive.
2x ASB Incidents youths smoking cannabis Church Lane, Parking issue High Street.

b. To receive any information on investigations into ownership of land behind Cambridge Close and agree any action – It was agreed to take this matter off the agenda until any further correspondence is received from DMBC.

c. To receive information on signs for the recreation ground.-.The clerk informed the meeting that she had contacted DMBC.Further correspondence required to report to the next meeting.

d. To receive a progress report on the Cemetery Wall and decide action required

The re building of the wall is nearly complete; the invoice should be presented at the next meeting.
e.To consider information from YLCA under regarding the boundary allocation by DMBC and agree action.

The Chair updated the meeting of the FOI letter from DMBC and the explanation of the allocation of the responsibility of the wall. All agreed to send a letter of response. Chair to send a draft copy to all and consideration was made to seek legal advice.

f. To consider memorial requests for the cemetery and agree action.The clerk presented the draft proposals for memorials to the meeting, added to the councillor packs. All agreed to approve the memorial stone.

g. To receive a report on the Hs2 committee meeting 5/9/17.The Parish Councillors to be informed of meetings of the committee.

h.To receive information regarding the website.Cllr Pick demonstrated to the meeting an example of a website, different formats and costs considered. The Clerk to send further information that could be added.

i. To recieve an update on the  re-vanishing of the benches in the Parish and agree action-A resident (former Cllr Taylor) has started to re- vanish the benches, a local painter considered to assist with the re vanishing of the benches and the phone box. The Chair to obtain quotes to be presented at the next meeting and clerk to establish how many benches is the responsibility of the Parish Council. All agreed the benches in the cemetery were the responsibility of the families and need to be contacted for maintenance. Considered was that the Parish Council could carry out the maintenance work for the benches in the cemetery at a small annual cost.

j.To consider the trees in the cemetery and agree action. The Chair updated the meeting regarding the inspection carried out on the trees in the cemetery. There are two trees close to the cemetery wall. The Clerk to contact the resident to advice they can trim the holly tree to the boundary of the property.

k.To receive information relating to the new data protection reform. The clerk informed the meeting on the changes to be implemented by May 2018.A link was sent to all with further information Local government authorities will need to designate a data protection officer.


153/09/17. Financial Matters

To approve accounts for payment:-


Payments to be approved





Clerks Salary




Clerks Expenses




Gardener salary







Pension Payments




Grapevine Delivery



Grapevine production



Grapevine Printing

Brailsford Print



Tree work

AWS Landscapes




Repair to Christmas lights

Christmas plus




training /Cemetery





Viking Direct




Toddler area safety




Lighting recreation ground

Scottish Power



Total Payments September




Bank Reconciliation

Community account

Opening Balance


Total Receipts


Total  Payments




Closing Balance




Loan Payments 2017/18

PWBL April 17



PWBL August 17





Total to date.









a.To approve and complete a new bank mandate-All agreed to wait until the next meeting when all Parish Councillors were in attendance.

b.To receive information relating to the Parish Council bank accounts and agree action. The carnival account cannot be changed into a current account it would need to be a new account and transfer of funds


154/09/17. To receive an update on the Casual Vacancy on the Parish Council.

An interest candidate attended the meeting.


155/09/17.Information relating to the External Audit

The requested information from the external audit was added to the Cllrs packs.


156/09/17.To receive information relating to the allotments and agree action.

A plot has not been cultivated; a letter has been sent to the tenants meeting the rent has not been paid on this plot. All agree to send a further letter recorded delivery.


157/09/17. To receive information on the youth shelter-Cllr Roper.

Cllr Roper sent apologies to the meeting.


158/09/17. To consider and decide upon the following planning applications.

·        17/01830-44,-Doncaster Road, Harlington.Erection of storage /garage following demolition of the existing three stable blocks. No objections noted.

·        17/01875/FUL-1,Hall Cottage,Hall Street, Barnburgh.Erection of a shed(Restrospective)No Objections noted.

·        17/02059/FUL-Plane Tree Farm,High Stree,t Barnburgh.Erection of 1.8 high traditional feather board fence(Restrospective)No objections noted.

159/09/17. To receive the following planning decisions/information.

·        17/01472/FUL-Hamar,Doncaster Road,Barnburgh-Erection of a single storey extension to front elevation as well as enlargement of and alterations to the existing garage.Granted

·        17/01766/FUL-11, Barnburgh lane, Barnburgh .Doncaster DN5 7HN-Erection of single storey rear extension and 2 storey side extension. Granted

·        17/01122/LBC-Plane Tree Farm-High Street Barnburgh, Listed building consent for proposed re roofing to the barn. Granted

·        17/01189/FUL-5,Doncaster Road,Barnburgh,Proposed enlargement of windows to rear, proposed cellar tanking and conversion with improved lightwells,internal upgrade and new provision of off street parking and turning head/non access driveway to rear gardens following demolition of stone wall. Granted

·        17/01909/FUL-14, Hickleton Road, Barnburgh. Doncaster DN5 7EH-Erection of single storey front and side wrap around extension and erection of single storey rear extension following demolition of existing rear and side extensions. Awaiting decision


160/09/17.To consider matters as requested by Councillors

·        Cllr Roper has contacted the owners of the Coach & Horses about the overhanging foliage.


161/09/17. To consider the following new correspondence received and decide action where necessary.

The Clerk presented correspondence received in addition information, forwarded to all Parish Councillors prior to the meeting.

·        Resident reporting overgrown hedge at Ginnel-far Moor Close to Doncaster Road Harlington. Report to DMBC.

·        Resident-Concerns about the Ridgewood School bus route.Cllr G Heptinstall to update.

·        Joan Bowkett-Invitre –Invite to the  welcoming of the priest into the Parish 4/10/17 7.00pm


162/09/17. To propose any minor matters for inclusion on the agenda of the next meeting and agree deadline for notifying Clerk of additional items.

·        Christmas light switch on/carols on the green.

The deadline for agenda items from Councillors is 4th October. 2017.


163/09/17. To confirm the date of the next meeting as Wednesday 11th October 2017

at 7.00 pm.


Meeting end:-9.04pm