Barnburgh & Harlington Parish Council


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the Wednesday 14th September   2016, in the Village Hall, Barnburgh.


Present Councillors- J Scott (Chair), J Llewellyn, G Heptinstall, C.White,

T Heptinstall.

Parish Clerk- J Talbot

Ward Councillors- Cllr C Ransome

Members of the Public-0


166/09/16 - Apologies for absence

Cllr Richards-Reasons for absence accepted by the Parish Council.


167/09/16 – Declarations of pecuniary, non-pecuniary, personal and prejudicial interest

None were declared


168/09/16 – Exclusions

None were noted


169/09/16 – Previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 10th July 2016 were agreed as a true record and duly signed by the Chair. 


170/09/16 – Public participation

No members of the public attended the meeting.


171/09/16-Matters Arising

The Chair Cllr Scott will resign as Chair and Parish Councillor after this meeting.

The trees on Church Lane have over grown over the telephone lines, as reported by a resident at last meeting. All agreed to obtain quotes to deal with the matter.


172/09/16-Planning Applications and other planning issues.


The clerk presented a report for the planning applications over the last 6 month. This will be added to the Councillors meeting packs to track planning applications in the future.


173/09/16 – Clerks Report


174/09/16 – Issues raised with the Ward Councillors.

·        It has been noted that the street sign at Hollowgate has been removed and the Barnburgh sign coming from Goldthorpe needs replacing as it is in bad condition.

Cllr Ransome to investigate further.


·        North End Drive Field-North End Drive Field-At the last meeting it was noted that the field at North End Lane had not been cut and would also benefit from a dog bin as it is used by of dog walkers. It was confirm that we can have a bin; however it will need to be added to the ground maintenance contract to be emptied on a regular basis. (This is currently done weekly in other areas.) The Parish Councillors requested information to whether we would need to pay for the bin.Cllr Heptinstall to contact DMBC to request this information.


·        Speeding traffic down Hollowgate-Cllr Heptinstall to contact DMBC Highways, it was raised that this was a police matter and action would depend on accidents.


·        A resident has contacted the Clerk regarding the footpath between Crane Moor Close and Church lane, as it is slippery and dangerous. Clerk forwarded Cllr Ransome.



 175/09/16 - Correspondence received.

·        RoSPA-Email to inform the PC that the playground inspection will take place in September.

·        DMBC-Notification of publishing of a draft local plan document-Forwarded to all

·        YLCA-Developing capacity in smaller council’s survey-To be considered.

·        TKF Training –Information relating to courses PA1 &PA6.

·        Resident –Email sent to the clerk regarding Vehicles tearing up Mill lane/police matter resident requesting if we have a community police officer. (The resident attended the Ward Cllr Ransome surgery to raise concerns. Clerk to send a letter to resident explaining proceeds for reporting incidents to the police and DMBC.)

·        Resident-Email sent to the Clerk regarding horse fouling on the footpath opposite Millfield Riding School.



176/09/16 – Restoration of the Church Lane Recreation Ground.

The Chair presented information relating to the progress of the recreation ground.

WREN requires there to be a key contact to deal with the online account and sign off the project. All agreed for the Parish Clerk/Julia Talbot to be the lead contact on the project for WREN.


177/09/16-Information relating to the PWLB application.

The application is being processed and further information has been requested. The Clerk informed the meeting that the full £55,000 requested may not be fully approved as there was an extra amount for contingencies for the recreation ground. The PWLB application form to be filled in once the borrowing approval letter is received.


178/09/16-Cemetery Wall

 Cllr T Hetinstall updated the meeting on the recent meeting with the resident’s adjacent to the cemetery wall. Information added to Cllr meeting packs.

Action agreed to be carried out was to remove the ivy from the wall to investigate the condition of the wall further. All agreed further investigation would be required as the meeting with the resident presented other concerns that need to be addressed.


179/09/16-To consider winter flowering.

Cllr T Heptinstall to investigate the costing for the flowering for the planters and village signs and report to the next parish Council meeting.

180/09/16- Hs2 Update

Cllr White updated the meeting on the progress of the Hs2 committee group, the joint rural parishes are working together to submit the information to the government. There has also a face book page to keep residents informed of any information. The committee have requested a donation to contribute towards costs of printing etc...Cllr White to monitor spending of the agreed donation amount presenting receipts of spends to the meeting.


181/09/16-Casual Vacancies on the parish Council  

The clerk presented an application for the casual vacancy for the Parish Council .The closing date for applicants is 30th September all applicants considered will be informed after the next Parish Council meeting.


182/09/16-Facebook /website.

The website is now all up to date, the declarations of interest are out of date, and the clerk informed the meeting that she had contacted DMBC to obtain a direct link to the Parish Councillors declarations of interest on the Doncaster Council website.


183/09/16-Asset Inspection Report

The clerk presented information relating to the recent asset inspection attended by Cllr White, Cllr Llewellyn and the Parish Clerk. Matters raised were the water pump and numbering of the ashes plots.




184/09/16- Accounts for payment

Cheques were presented and signed and electronic payments authorised to the value of £1,799.92

Payment schedule.


Cheques/electronic  Authorised Payments


Cheque number/

Electronic payment




Clerks Salary


Julia Talbot/Clerk



Clerks Expenses


Julia Talbot/Clerk



Gardener/handy man






Cq 101410









External Audit





Delivery of grapevine


R Wilkinson



Website costs





Playground repairs












Scottish Power.




Total Payments for September 2016














185/09/16- Bank reconciliation

The clerk presented the paperwork for approval up to Wednesday 10th August 2016; it was agreed and signed by Members present.

The Clerk presented this month’s bank statement for Councillors to sign.

Bank Reconciliation

Balances brought forward from August 2016

 Community Account                               £ 17,745.70                                                                                                                                                     

Receipts                                            +     £ 1,804.01                                                                                           

Total Payments                                 -    £ 1,779.92

Unpresented cheques        -  £192.62

Account Totals

Deposit account/reserves                        £ 13,996.47

Carnival account                                     £ 1,712.19       

All agreed to add Cllr T Heptinstall and Cllr White to the bank mandate, paperwork completed and signed. To be posted to HSBC


186/09/16 – Next Meeting

It was agreed that the next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council would be held on Wednesday 12th October 2016 in the Village Hall, Barnburgh.


187/09/16-To consider any minor matters and items for the next agenda

·        Extra ordinary meeting needs to be arranged to nominate a new Chair.

·        Donation request from a resident discussed.

·        Cllr White to change her email address for the Parish Council.

·        Annual report.



Meeting end 9.55pm