Barnburgh & Harlington Parish Council


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the Wednesday 12th July 2017, in the Village Hall, Barnburgh.


Present Councillors-T Heptinstall, G. Heptinstall, A. Pick

Parish Clerk- J Talbot

Ward Councillors-Cllr Ransome attended the Councillor surgery.

Members of the Public-0

Invited applicants for Casual vacancy on the Parish Council.2


Public participation

None were present.


114/07/17-Chairman’s reminder of the Council’s expectations for the audio or visual recording of the meeting.


115/07/17 - Apologies for absence

Parish Cllr J Llewellyn, W.Roper, L.Richards apologies accepted by the Parish Council


116/07/17– Declarations of pecuniary, non-pecuniary, personal and prejudicial interest.

None were noted.


117/07/17 – Exclusions

Agenda item 6.10


118/07/17 – Previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 14th June were agreed as a true record and duly signed by the Chair.


119/07/17-To receive information on the following ongoing issues matters and decide further action where necessary.

a.To receive details from the SYP Crime and Incident Report.

Burglary other (theft from farm building)
1x Theft of motor vehicle.    (One person arrested)
1x Nuisance vehicle (parked)
1x Robbery
1x Theft other ( garden ornament )

b. To receive any information on investigations into ownership of land behind Cambridge Close and agree any action - Ongoing matter, Ward Cllr Ransome and Parish Cllr T Heptinstall to continue to liaise with DMBC regarding this matter.DMBC have confirmed that they will not stop maintaining this area.

c.To consider action relating to the container at the recreation ground.-Cllr Llewellyn sent apologies to the meeting, no update received.

d. To receive information on the bins and signs for the recreation ground.-The new bins that have been  added to the recreation ground have been added to the ground maintenance contract, signage for the play areas were discussed. All agreed that to prioritise a disclaimer sign for the whole area. As advised in the recent post RoSPA report for the new playareas.Clerk to investigate further and report to the meeting when all Councillors were present.

e. To receive a progress report on the Cemetery Wall and decide action required The Surveyor served the party wall notice to residents that will be affected by the rebuilding of the wall, drawings and measurement as requested were included in the notice. Work can commence when both parties have agreed to the notice. One response has been received and awaiting the other. If no response is received work can commence from the end of the month.

Clerk updated the meeting on the FOI request to DMBC regarding the allocation of the boundary wall to the Cemetery. A further letter to be sent as no response had been received to the Parish Councils request.

f. To consider quotes for a notice board in the cemetery.-The clerk informed the meeting of the quotes for a notice board in the cemetery. It was resolved to purchase a notice board from Barnsley Community Work shop for £475.00.The notice board will not be ready until October /November. All agreed to the time scale and to research a cemetery policy for guidance for families to add to the notice board.

g. To consider memorial requests for the cemetery and agree action. –The Clerk updated the meeting on the correspondence received, awaiting further information.

h. To appoint a representative for the Hs2 committee. The Clerk to request an agenda of the future meetings, a representative from the Parish Council will attend.

i. To receive information relating to the Christmas Lights repairs and agree action-Further investigation required.

j. To receive information relating to the carnival Committee and agree action.-The final figure for the carnival are:-Total takings £1,859.22,minus costs of £780.28.Total profit made £1,078.94.The Clerk informed the meeting that a paying in book will be ordered to pay directly into the carnival account. Enquiries will be made about the account to whether a cheque book can be added to the account. Other matters of concern were discussed and action agreed.

k.To consider the future of the website and face book page.

Consideration was made for the costing of a website solely for the Parish Council; this will enable the Parish Council to add all the information required to ensure transparency.Cllr Pick to report to the next meeting.


 120/07/17. Financial Matters

To approve accounts for payment:-


Cheques/electronic  Authorised Payments


Cheque number/

Electronic payment





Clerks Salary


Julia Talbot




Clerks Expenses


Julia Talbot




Gardener/handy man/salary


George Gill




Gardener/handy man/expenses


George Gill





Cq 101463






Cq 101464







Yorkshire Water




Recreation ground rent






Skip for burial


Rapid Skips




Surveyor/cemetery wall


Taylor Tuxford Associates




Playground inspection






Vale   Training


Vale training




Vale   Training equipment


Vale training




Green Toilet company Ltd



Green Toilet company Ltd






Showstoppers Ltd




Rockingham Brass band/Carnival


Rockingham Brass band






Scottish Power.





Total Payments for July 2017








Bank Reconciliation

Balances brought forward from 30th June 2017


 Community Account                               £36,935.93

                              Total payments           £2,424.94                                                                                                  

                             Total   Receipts           £70,432.61                                                                                 

                              New Total                 £35,925.99

Total Payments July 2017           -      £5,303.02

Unpresented cheques        - £166.33

Account Totals

Community Account                            £35,925.99

Deposit account/reserves                     £ 14,001.58                                            

Carnival account                                  £ 1,712.30    

Total                                                   £51,639.87


121/07/17. To receive an update on the Casual Vacancy on the Parish Council.

Cllr Pick signed his declaration of office and received all paperwork.Cllr Pick was welcomed to the Parish Council,K.Wright confirmed she wishes to join the Parish Council and will sign her declaration of office at the next meeting. Training for the new Councillors discussed.


122/07/17. To receive information relating to the Allotments

A request for a small storage unit for plot 10 was put before the Parish Council. No objections noted. The Clerk to inform the tenant.


123/07/17. To receive information on tree felling quotes for the cemetery and the green.

Quotes for the tree work considered, all agreed to commence with the quote from AWS Landscapes. The clerk to send the conservation information from DMBC to the contractor along with a works order to confirm the work to be carried out.


124/07/17. To receive information on the youth shelter-Cllr Roper.

Cllr Roper has sent apologies so was not able to update the meeting.




125/07/17. To consider and decide upon the following planning applications:

·        17/01472/FUL-Hamar,Doncaster Road,Barnburgh-Erection of a single storey extension to front elevation as well as enlargement of and alterations to the existing garage.

·        17/01766/FUL-11, Barnburgh lane, Barnburgh .Doncaster DN5 7HN-Erection of single storey rear extension and 2 storey side extension.


126/07/17. To receive the following planning decisions/information.

·        17/01185/FUL-Willowdene, Church lane Harlington, erection of dwelling to the rear of Willowdene.Approved.

·         17/01122/LBC-Plane Tree Farm-High Street Barnburgh, Listed building consent for proposed re roofing to the barn. Awaiting Decision

·        17/01189/FUL-5,Doncaster Road,Barnburgh,Proposed enlargement of windows to rear, proposed cellar tanking and conversion with improved lightwells,internal upgrade and new provision of off street parking and turning head/non access driveway to rear gardens following demolition of stone wall. Awaiting Decision


127/07/17.To consider matters as requested by Councillors

·        The hedges in the cemetery need cutting, the Clerk to inform the gardener.Actioned

·        Trees in the cemetery pushing the wall over and lime trees on the green need dead wood removing.Actioned


128/07/17. To consider the following new correspondence received and decide action where necessary.

The Clerk presented correspondence received in addition information, forwarded to all Parish Councillors prior to the meeting.

·        Jeremy Johnson DMBC Local plan. To consider(meeting 31/7/17 5-7pm DMBC)

·        Lisa Carter DMBC Ownership of the Craggs-Discussed was the correspondence with DMBC relating to the Craggs, the Clerk to contact Halifax estates to confirm details

·        Resident email regarding HGV using limited roads in the Parish


129/07/17. To propose any minor matters for inclusion on the agenda of the next meeting and agree deadline for notifying Clerk of additional items.

·        The Clerk informed the meeting that the one of the recent burial grave had dropped. , to be filled in by the gravedigger. Gardener aware of the situation.

·        Clerk to contact DMBC regarding surface of Stables Lane.

·        Gardener has completed his qualification in pesticide spraying and requested the Parish Council purchase the relevant products.


The deadline for agenda items from Councillors is 2nd August. 2017.


130/07/17. To confirm the date of the next meeting as Wednesday 9th August 2017

at 7.00 pm