Barnburgh & Harlington Parish Council


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the Wednesday 8th June  2016, in the Village Hall, Barnburgh. 


Present Councillors- J Scott (Chair), J Llewellyn, G Taylor, G Heptinstall, L Richards.

Parish Clerk- J Talbot.

Ward Councillors- Cllr C Ransome.


103/06/16 - Apologies for absence


104/06/16 – Declarations of pecuniary, non-pecuniary, personal and prejudicial interest

None declared


105/06/16 – Exclusions

None were  noted.


106/06/16 – Previous Meeting

The minutes of the parish meeting and the Annual meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 11th May 2016 were agreed as a true record and duly signed by the Chair. 


107/06/16 – Public participation

There was no requirement for public participation.


108/06/16-Planning Applications and other planning issues.

·        16/01503/FUL-25 Hollowgate Barnburgh, Erection of detached out building.

The application had only been received prior to the meeting and no information available to comment. Councillors to check the details. The application to be added to the next agenda for consideration.


109/06/16 – Clerks Report

1.      Allotments- All payments have been made for the allotment annual rent.

2.      Cemetery-There has been one burial of ashes.

3.      Lawnmower-One of the lawnmowers have been sent for repair. No invoice has been received as yet. Consideration has been made in changing companies, the clerk has spoken to the Gardener and he is happy with the service from the current company.

4.      Internal /External Auditor-The meeting with the auditor has been arranged for 9th June, with the external paperwork to be submitted by 13th July.

5.       The carnival-information relating to the Carnival. Leaflets have been printed with the invoices in finance. Total amount of leaflets printed 1,100 to be distributed around the village.

6.      Recreation ground-Graffiti has been reported 31/5/16 on the football changing rooms.DMBC reference number 10100408329.This matter has been dealt with.

The swing needs to be replaced and there has been damage to the Huck roundabout. All agreed for the Clerk to proceed with the quote from DMBC.

The Barrier that was damage has now been repaired and invoice has been added to Finance. All agreed the Clerk to add a letter with the invoice thanking the company for repairing the barrier.

7.      Grass cutting-The request has been made to DMBC street scene to cut the grass at least twice prior to the Carnival. This was completed prior to the carnival.

110/06/16 – Issues raised with the Ward Councillors, Neighbourhood Manager and Community Constable.

·        Garage Bases at Doncaster Road- The Clerk has sent an email regarding the adoption of the garage bases as a community space to DMBC, no further correspondence has been made. Ward Cllr Ransome advised the meeting to contact Oliver Judges regarding this matter to check progress.Cllr Scott to contact and update at the next meeting.


·        It was noted at the last meeting that the street sign at Hollow gate has been removed and the Barnburgh sign coming from Goldthorpe needs replacing as it is in bad condition.


111/06/16 - Correspondence received.

             Barnburgh.Members to consider (details attached to this report.)

             No comments noted. Councillors requested to why this has been proposed at this time.


112/06/16 – Restoration of the Church Lane Recreation Ground.

The Parish Council have received a letter for the third party contribution; the clerk has added this payment to finance, amount to be transferred from the carnival account.

The steering group to arrange a meeting to action the point requested by WREN

The Clerk has liaised with WREN, on the actions to be completed and sent the steering group an action plan on work to be completed to commence the project.

WREN stated that the Parish Council would not be able to claim the VAT back as the land is rented. The clerk to investigate the matter further and report at the next meeting.


113/06/16-Cemetery Wall.

Contact has been made to gather advice from YLCA and DMBC planning. All agreed that quotes for the wall were required to establish costing to rebuild.

The clerk to obtain three quotes for the next meeting.



The meeting discussed the proposal from a resident to continue with the grapevine.

A resolution was made to pay £60 for the work carried out, and an invoice to be presented to the Clerk for payment when the grapevine is complete.

Clerk to contact applicant and review in 12 month.


115/06/16 -The Parish Council formally adopted the Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Code of Conduct, Community Engagement Strategy, Complaints Procedure and Training Statement.

All policies and regulations formally updated and adopted. All to be added to the website.

116/06/16-To receive information relating to SYPTE communication.

Information relating to the SYPTE shared with the meeting, with slight changes to the bus routes.


117/06/16-Information relating to the casual vacancies on the parish Council

Two casual vacancies have arisen due to the sad death of the parish Council’s Chair Cllr packham and the resignation of Cllr Wilkinson.

One notice has been added to the notice board for one of the vacancies, the other to be added.

An extra meeting to be arranged to consider the applications for the casual vacancies. This will take place on 6th July at 7.30pm.The clerk to book the lounge for the meeting.


118/06/16-Dementia fire and home safety project.

To be added to the September Agenda.


119/06/16-Audit of accounts and Annual Return 2015/16.

The Clerk presented the Annual Return, Members agreed the answers to the Annual Governance Statement and the Annual Return was adopted and duly signed by the Chair.

The clerk explained that the accounts were over by £974, the internal auditor has been informed.

The internal audit appointment is booked for the 9th June 2016.


120/06/16-2016-2018 national Salary award.

The clerk presented information relating to the national pay award for local council workers 2016-18 from YLCA. All agreed the clerk to be awarded the pay increase of 9p an hour and to be back dated from 1st April 2016.


121/06/16 - Accounts for payment

Cheques were signed and electronic payments authorised to the value of £7,964.73


Cheques/electronic  Authorised Payments


Cheque number/

Electronic payment




Clerks Salary


Julia Talbot



Clerks Expenses


Julia Talbot



Gardener/handy man






Cq 394





Cq 390




Queens 90th Birthday Medals

Cq 391

Tower Mint





Viking Direct



Lighting Column at Hall Lane





Printing /carnival


John Brailsford



Printing /carnival


John Brailsford




equipment loan Donation           


Warmsworth gala Committee











Showstoppers Ltd



Parish Insurance





WREN third party contribution


FCC Recycling UK LTD








Total Payments for June 2016













122/06/16 – Bank reconciliation

The clerk presented the paperwork for approval up to Wednesday 11th May 2016; it was agreed and signed by Members present.

The Clerk presented the internet banking paperwork for three Councillors to sign and approve for remove signatures from the bank account.


123/06/16 – Next Meeting

It was agreed that the next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council would be held on Wednesday 13th July 2016 in the Village Hall, Barnburgh.



124/06/16-To consider any minor matters and items for the next agenda


·        Risk Assessment for the carnival, The Clerk has sent the Chair of the carnival committee last year’s risk assessment to complete prior to the carnival.

·        Entry to the tips in the area discussed and the possibility of a visit to the new recycling facility at Manvers.