Barnburgh & Harlington Parish Council


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the Wednesday 10th May 2017, in the Village Hall, Barnburgh.


Present Councillors-T Heptinstall J Llewellyn , G. Heptinstall, C.White, W.Roper,L.Richards

Parish Clerk- J Talbot

Ward Councillors-Cllr Ransome

Police –Inspector Jones.

Members of the Public-0


Public participation

No public attended the meeting.

Inspector Jones attended the meeting, to explain the situation regarding the illegal motor vehicles in the area, as raised by residents. The Chair explained the concerns of the parish Council and possible action considered. The Inspector explained the situation is ongoing all over the Borough, with visual evidence produced. Shift patterns of the police discussed and the resources available, with improvements to be made to the 101 service to make contact from the public more accessible. Inspector Jones offered to send contact details for the Parish Council to add to the website/face book so that residents can report incidents more effectively.


071/05/17-Chairman’s reminder of the Council’s expectations for the audio or visual recording of the meeting.


072/05/17 - Apologies for absence

None noted.


073/05/17– Declarations of pecuniary, non-pecuniary, personal and prejudicial interest

BHCLA-Cllr Llewellyn, Cllr Richards.


074/05/17 – Exclusions

Agenda item 11


075/05/17 – Previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 12th April 2017 were agreed as a true record and duly signed by the Chair.


076/05/17-To receive information on the following ongoing issues matters and decide further action where necessary.


a. To receive an update on investigations into obtaining a large sign to put down Mill Lane to warn people against and agree any action .Inspector Jones attended the meeting to explain that signage was no longer used to deter illegal vehicles. Incidents need to be reported to the police and inspector Jones will send details to the Clerk to report such incidents.

b. To receive details from the SYP Crime and Incident Report.

No crime report has been received. 

c. To receive an update on the current situation with regard to HS2 and agree any action. Meeting cancelled.

d. To receive any information on investigations into ownership of land behind Cambridge Close and agree any action -; Ward Cllr Ransome and parish Cllr Heptinstall to continue to liaise with DMBC regarding this matter.DMBC have confirmed that they will not stop maintaining this area.

e. Restoration of Recreation Ground The WREN payment was made on 3rd May into the Parish Council account, and the cheque has now written for VICA SL.

The clerk has sent an email to VICA to confirm the RoSPA post inspection date, they have confirmed it will be carried out and a report sent to the Parish Council.

The playground inspector came to inspect the Toddler Area this week and sent details of an entrapment concern on one of the gates, the Clerk has sent an email to VICA to deal with the matter, and no response has been received.

 Opening Ceremony

The invite has gone into the grapevine, completed by Cllr White, the Clerk proposed to get these printed in cardboard for key guests, David’s family have responded to the Parish Council request to opening ‘Packham Park’and will be honoured to do so, Clerk to liaise with family on final details. Wording and type of plaque needs to be agreed at the meeting to order for the opening ceremony.

 f.-To consider the bins to be added to the recreation ground .The Bins have now been installed and  emptying added to the ground maintenance contract. 

g. To consider action relating to the container at the recreation ground. The work has been carried out and an inspection needs to take place to inspect work and release the cheque.

h. To receive a progress report on the Cemetery Wall and decide action required  

The party wall act letter was sent to the resident’s solicitor; however the response to this was that they required further information from the builder, calculations and drawings. The Clerk spoke to the builder and he has advised that this would be a structural engineer’s job. He has guaranteed the job should any further problems arise with this section of the wall.

It was resolved to appoint a surveyor to survey the area and they will serve the correct Party Wall notice to the resident.

i. To receive an update on the Hollow gate speed Limit .Concerns were raised with Inspector Jones.

j.To receive an update from The Joint Rural Parishes Committee.-Cllr White.

No meeting                          

k. To receive an update regarding the footpath at the end of Stable Lane.

It was agreed for Cllr White to contact DMBC regarding the matter and hard core surfacing to be added and it could be removed from the agenda now to be actioned by DMBC due to ownership of this area.


 077/05/17. To receive information relating to the Craggs woodland. Clerk.

The PC own approx half of cliff plantation on the left hand side as you enter Marr Road End

Cllr T Heptinstall has taken the paper work on the woodlands to read.


078/05/17. To receive information relating to the Allotments

All rental letters have been sent out and all but two have paid, a letter regarding parking at the allotments has been added. Tenants have raised matters on the tenancy agreement that have been reissues this year. Plot owners are responsible for the trimming of boundaries of their plots. This is not a new condition and has not been added to the new agreements.

Further research is required to apply for a grant to improve the drainage and boundaries.Cllr T Heptinstall to do measurements, so quotes can be obtained to establish a cost for funding.



079/05/17. To receive an update on the Casual Vacancy on the Parish Council

 The Clerk presented information relating to a recent application, no further interest noted. Discussed was a skills scan to establish skills required on the Parish Council.


080/05/17. To receive information relating to the Health & Safety Parish Inspection and agree any action.

Reports added to councillor meeting packs, concerns raised about decorations in the cemetery, considered was to contact the family or to add a notice board to add a cemetery policy to inform families of acceptable decorations for plots and the removal of tributes.

Quotes are required for tree work in the cemetery and considered were liability/no dog fouling signage for the play area.Cllr T Heptinstall to action.


081/05/17.Employment Matters

a.To consider a request for a salary review.

It was resolved to give the gardener/handyman a wage increase of 22p per hour, now on the local government employee scale 12 so this will now rise as advised by NALC every two years. This will be backdated from April 2017.

b.Actions from the Gardener/Handyman’s employment review. The clerk added the review notes to the councillor packs. The Main action was to send him on training for weed killer spraying. Quotes for training were considered. It was resolved to go with VALE training at a cost of £365 plus VAT.Clerk to action.


082/05/17.To receive information relating to fire proof boxes and archive documents

The clerk presented research on the fire proof boxes, it was agreed that they were costly and further investigation would be required to sort and archive paperwork.


083/05/17. To consider and decide upon the following planning applications:

17/00808/FUL-Land To The West Of Hangman Stone Lane High Melton Doncaster,

Proposed excavation and installation of biofertiliser lagoon, access area and 1.8m stock proof fence - also Underground pipe conduit under SHEEP LANE.

The Parish Council have objected to the application.


084/05/17. To receive the following planning decisions/information.

17/00448/FUL-Erection of 4 bedroom detached house following the demolition of existing dwelling/Draft-White Gates, Stables lane Barnburgh.Granted.


085/05/17.To consider matters as requested by Councillors

a. Raised was the condition of the foot paths in Barnburgh 


086/05/17. Financial Matters

a.To approve the following accounts for payment


Cheques/electronic  Authorised Payments


Cheque number/

Electronic payment





Clerks Salary


Julia Talbot




Clerks Expenses


Julia Talbot




Gardener/handy man/salary


George Gill




Gardener/handy man/expenses


George Gill





Cq 101456






Cq 101457





Vica SL/WREN/final payment. Recreation ground


Vica SL




SLCC membership






Sutcliffe Play, toddler area equipment–represented cheque.


Sutcliffe play






Scottish Power.





Total Payments for May 2017





















·        Returned due to mandate, incorrect information received from the bank.

·        The Direct debit for the electric/recreation ground has been decreased to £20.00

Bank Reconciliation

Balances brought forward from 28th April 2016

 Community Account                               £30,900.78

                              Total payments           £27,801.04                                                                                                   

                             Total   Receipts           £ 25,658.16                                                                                  

                              New Total                 £28,757.90

Total Payments May 2017           -    £38,651.48


Unpresented cheques        - £183.33

Account Totals

Community Account                            £30,900.78

Deposit account/reserves                     £ 14,000.16                                            

Carnival account                                  £ 1,712.30    

 Total                                                   £46,613.24


087/05/17. To consider the following new correspondence received and decide action where necessary.

The Clerk presented correspondence received in addition information, forwarded to all Parish Councillors prior to the meeting.


088/05/17. To propose any matters for inclusion on the agenda of the next meeting and agree deadline for notifying Clerk of additional items.

The deadline for agenda items from Councillors is 7th June 2017.


089/05/17. To confirm the date of the next meeting as Wednesday 14th June 2017

at 7.00 pm.