Barnburgh & Harlington Parish Council


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the Wednesday 11th May 2016, in the Village Hall, Barnburgh. 


Present Councillors- J Scott (Chair), G Taylor, R Wilkinson, G Heptinstall,L Richard J Llewellyn .

Parish Clerk- J Talbot

Ward Councillors- Cllr C Ransome

2 members of the carnival committee attended the meeting.

82/05/16 - Apologies for absence

None were received.


83/05/16 – Declarations of pecuniary, non-pecuniary, personal and prejudicial interest

None declared.


84/05/16 – Exclusions

None were noted.


85/05/16 – Previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 13th April 2016 were agreed as a true record and duly signed by the Chair. 


86/05/16 – Public participation

 Members of the carnival committee attended the meeting to request the printing of the carnival paperwork. All agreed to commence with the printing to ensure the leaflets were completed in good time for the carnival with the current uncertainly regarding the grapevine.


87/05/16-Planning Applications and other planning issues.


16/01226/TEL-Land at Millfield Stud,Furlong Road,Harlington,Doncaster

Installation of a 15M slimline column supporting 2 antennas and erection of 3 equipment cabinets.

A letter to be sent to DMBC planning to object to application on the grounds of the application being in close proximately to residential housing.


88/05/16 – Clerks Report

1.      Allotments- The annual rent payment letters have been sent out, 8 have paid this year’s rent with 12 still to pay. A reminder letter will be sent out 31/5/16. An over view of the plots has now been created with photos on file. A request has been made to erect a shed on plot 14-No objections.

2.      Cemetery-There has been one burial carried out this month.

3.      Tour de Yorkshire, The flowers have been purchased with predominantly colours of the event. £50 worth of flowers has been purchased, with it being early in the planting year a further amount may need to be spent to ensure flowering throughout the summer. The weed killer has also been purchased for the gardener.

4.      Lawnmower-One of the lawnmowers have been sent for repair. No invoice has been received as yet.

5.      Electricity payments- The clerk has contacted the electric supplier, after concerns that the monthly payment was high. The monthly payments have been reduced to £23.00.To ensure this is monitored in the future a monthly meter reading is to be carried out.

6.      Village Map-The village map has been installed, a resident has sent an e mail to notify the Parish Council that there is an error on the new village map, Cllr Taylor to investigate further to see if it can be amended.

7.      Internal /External Auditor-The clerk has contacted last year’s internal auditor, who is no longer practicing. Contact has been made with Diane Brown to complete this year’s internal audit. All agreed to the appointment.


89/05/16 – Suggestion Box

Consideration were made to disband the suggestion box due to the recent disappearance.Disscusion to whether it could be added to the website. Further research required.


90/05/16 – Issues raised with the Ward Councillors, Neighbourhood Manager and Community Constable.

·        Garage Bases at Doncaster Road-An email has been sent regarding the adoption of the garage bases as a community space to DMBC, as yet there has been no correspondence regarding this matter. Clerk to update at the meeting. Ward Councillor Ransome to make contact to establish progress of the request.

Matters Arising.

·        It was noted that the Doncaster/Barnburgh sign, coming from Goldthorpe needs replacing.

·        The Hollowgate sign has been removed and needs replacing.

·        Concerns relating to  Quad bikes in the area was discussed.



91/05/16 - Correspondence received.


·         YLCA-New edition of Governance and Accountability.

·         YLCA-Access to the NALC website.

·         Eric Day/Resident-relating to cemetery suggestion box.

·         Petition UK Government-Response to the petition signed relating to planning.

·         Rachel Cowling, SYPTE-service changes from 15/5/16.

·         Resident-Doncaster Road/Road Safety. Correspondence with Nigel Raven DMBC/Senior engineer. Members to consider

·         Sarah Maxwell-Minutes of the Parish Councils Joint Consultative Committee.

·         Rural Action Yorkshire –Newsletter

·         SYPA-Year end return reminder to be completed by 31st may.

·         Judith White, Carnival committee meeting agenda/ minutes

·         Jane Mills/DMBC-Invitation to Parish Councillors to attend a youth workshop 26th may.(booking required should councillors wish to attend, a link attached to this email dated 28/4/16

·         Dr Noel James/Historic Towns Forum-Details of programmes.

·         Government News –Newsletter.

·         SYPTE-Relating to bus service changes, new routes leaflet attached, will be distributed to 120,000 Doncaster households to inform residents of changes.

·         YLCA –Media Statement from Dr Alan Billings and Dawn Copley.

·         Resident-Relating to an accident 1/5/16 in the parish. Members to Consider

·         YLCA-Delivering and Devolving-Joint conference to explore devolution opportunities.

·         Doncaster Heritage festival /leaflets sent.



92/05/16 – Restoration of the Church Lane Recreation Ground.

The WREN funding has been approved; the clerk to contact WREN relating to the situation, meeting of the steering group to be arranged when all the information required is collected.


93/05/16 –To consider quotations for Parish Insurance.


The clerk informed the meeting of the arrangements for the Parish Insurance; a long term agreement is in place until 2018.All agreed to the current arrangement to be paid by electronic payment for £667.82


94/05/16-Cemetery Wall Survey

The members considered the contents of the survey, with several matters to be considered. All agreed further investigation would be required prior to a resolution taking place.


95/05/16-Clerk CILCA Training.

The clerk informed the meeting of the details of the CILCA training, the total amount to be split by two other parish councils the clerk is employed by. Resolution was made to contribute towards the Clerks Training with a payment of £83.33


96/05/16-Tour de Yorkshire

It was noted that the Tour de Yorkshire was a great success for the Parish, a big thank you for all involved, money was raised on the day for RNLI, the parish Council requested the amount raised. A big thank you was also noted to Ruth graham for organising the bell ringing on the day. The clerk to send a letter to thank her for this.


98/05/156-Internal Financial Controls

It was agreed that Councillors Heptinstall and Taylor would complete the internal financial control.


99/05/16 - Accounts for payment

Cheques were presented and signed (cheque number 384-389) and electronic payments authorised to the value of £2,049.54


Total receipts £16,157.50 this includes £14,810.00 precept payment


100/05/16 – Bank reconciliation

The clerk presented the paperwork for approval up to Wednesday 13th April 2016; it was agreed and signed by Members present.

The Clerk presented the internet banking paperwork for three Councillors to sign and approve.


101/05/16 – Next Meeting

It was agreed that the next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council would be held on Wednesday 8th June 2016 in the Village Hall, Barnburgh.


102/05/16-To consider any minor matters and items for the next agenda


·        Casual vacancy that has arisen

·        To appoint an editor of the grapevine.

·        Fire and Heath checks, Ward Councillor informed the meeting of a local project to carry out fire and health checks in the area. The South Yorkshire Dementia and Action Alliances are working with the fire service to checks free of charge to identify any dementia fire and home safety concerns.Cllr Scott (Chair) attended the meeting and proposed to have a village meeting to discuss the matters raised. Chair to contact key people involved.