Barnburgh & Harlington Parish Council


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the Wednesday 14th December 2016, in the Village Hall, Barnburgh.


Present Councillors- T. Heptinstall (Chair), J. Llewellyn, G. Heptinstall, C.White,W.Roper,

L Richards.


Parish Clerk- J Talbot

Ward Councillors-Cllr Ransome,Cllr Wood.

Members of the Public-No public present.


234/12/16-Chairman’s reminder of the Council’s expectations for the audio or visual recording of the meeting.


235/12/16 - Apologies for absence

Late attendance by Cllr White and Ward Cllr Ransome, Wood accepted by the Parish Council due to Hs2 engagement meeting.


236/12/16 – Declarations of pecuniary, non-pecuniary, personal and prejudicial interest Cllr Llewellyn. Members of the Barnburgh and Harlington Community Leisure Association.

Cllr White-Member of the Joint Rural Parishes Committee/Hs2 committee.


237/12/16 – Exclusions

None were noted


238/12/16 – Previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 9th November 2016 were agreed as a true record and duly signed by the Chair. 


239/12/16 – Public participation

No members of the public attended the meeting.


240/12/16- To confirm the Declaration of Office of the Appointed Casual Vacancy.
Cllr William Roper completed his acceptance of office and all paperwork was completed and signed in the presence of the Clerk.


241/12/16-To receive information on the following ongoing issues and decide further action where necessary:

1.      To receive a report on the obtaining of stencils to mark the pavement along Church lane and agree any action – Cllr T Heptinstall.DMBC have been contacted with no response.Cllr T Heptinstall informed the meeting of the costing to carry out the work.£100 plus VAT. It was resolved for Ward Cllr Ransome to investigate the matter further with DMBC.It was note that Mr Taylor may have some stencils.

2.      To receive an update on investigations into obtaining a large sign to put down Mill Lane to warn people against and agree any action Cllr T Heptinstall .A copy of the original sign has been obtained, permission is required by DMBC and the Police to erect signage.

3.       To receive details from the SYP Crime and Incident Report  Clerk. No report received.

4.      To receive an update on the current situation with regard to HS2 and agree any action report enclosed in meeting packs. Cllr White.Cllr White updated the meeting on the report enclosed and the meeting attended prior to the Parish Council meeting with Hs2 engagement team. The visual and noise impact considered with the value of compensation discussed at the meeting for properties near the route. The consultation period has started and will finish on 9th March. Distribution of the consultation packs discussed and coordination of delivery.

The details of a meeting in the New Year were discussed. A date and time to be considered and confirmed when a venue is confirmed.

5.       To receive a report on investigations into ownership of land behind Cambridge Close and agree any action - Cllr T Heptinstall. Contact has been made with DMBC regarding this matter. Chair advised them to liaise with their legal team and update the Parish Council on the findings.

6.      To receive an update on the provision of a waste bin on land on North End Drive and agree any action – Cllr G Heptinstall. The waste bin has now been installed.

7.      To receive an update on the painting and possible re-sitting of water pump and agree any action  Cllr T Heptinstall. Cllr T Heptinstall informed the meeting that the pump is concreted into the ground. It was resolved to keep the pump in the same position and paint to preserve.

8.      To receive an Information on investigations into the Installing of WiFi at the Village Hall by the Village Hall Committee– Cllr Roper. The Village Hall committee confirmed that Wifi to be fitted to the Village Hall with coverage of up to 10 devices.

9.      To consider a schedule for the creation, approval & delivery of the Grapevine magazine and agree any action. The clerk presented the schedule proposed by the editor. It was resolved to proceed with the dates presented for 2017.

10.  Restoration of Recreation Ground - Clerk

10.1-To receive an update on the recreation ground project.

             The work has started on the Recreation ground; VICA SL has presented a schedule of work

             and requested interim payment. It was resolved to pay the interim payment of £8,280

             and approve the work schedule presented.

10.2-To receive information regarding the WREN contract.
The Clerk confirmed that the online account has now been created; this will allow the Parish Council to claim the funds on completion of the project.

The WREN logo needs to be used with all publicity relating to the project.

Information to be added to the notice boards, website and face book updating residents of progress and completion dates as confirmed by VICA SL.

       11. To receive a progress report on the Cemetery Wall and decide action required.

Cllr T Heptinstall presented a report on the finding of the cemetery wall; advice has been sort and it was resolved to send a formal letter from the Parish Council to inform the residents. A replacement for the wall was discussed with technical drawings considered to support the work.

11.1 To consider further the information presented by YLCA on the party wall act.

             YLCA have advised the Parish Council on the Party Wall act in relation to the ownership

             of the wall.

11.2 To receive information relating to the solicitors and the cemetery deeds. The Clerk informed the meeting that the solicitors have been located that held the deeds for the cemetery. Contact has been made to return documents and change the contact details to access the documents in the future.

     12. Allotments-Clerk. A letter has been sent to the farmer that boarders

           the allotments to establish ownership and permission for the work to commence.

           An email has been sent to plot 14 to consider moving to plot 10.No response has

           been received. Clerk to send a letter.

    13. To receive a report on the Hollowgate speed Limit (report enclosed) .Cllr White.

            Cllr White enclosed a report in the Councillors packs, no further response has

            been noted from the police or DMBC.


242/12/16 To receive information relating to the Manvers recycling facility

 1. To consider information relating to the grant sent by Shanks treatment facility.  Clerk & Cllr T Heptinstall .The grant from Shanks cannot be used by the Parish Council to purchase benches for the recreation ground, Cllr T Heptinstall has presented the information to the Primary School to gain funding for work to be carried out.Cllr Richards also suggested The Princes Trust, if volunteers were required to carry out work, it was noted that this could be used for the community group creating a green space on the garages bases.

The Clerk informed the meeting that the Tesco bag scheme would fund the benches and bins for community areas. Items required to be investigated once the project is complete. The funding is available on a monthly basis.

2.To consider numbers and dates for the visit to the Manvers recycling facility.

The Parish Councillors to attend the treatment facility at Wath upon Dearne on 17th January.


243/12/16- To receive information relating to the Carnival committee.

The carnival Committee have approached the Clerk in relation to carrying out a raffle for next year’s carnival. A licence would be required from DMBC.Cllr Roper informed the meeting that the Village hall may have a licence that could be used.Cllr Roper to investigate further and update at the next meeting.


244/12/16- To consider information relating to SYPA.

The clerk informed the meeting that SYPA had sent a penalty fee due to the end of year return being late. The Clerk informed the meeting that the yearend figures were presented on time but needed re adjusting after the deadline date as they were incorrect.

The Clerk presented an appeal to SYPA due to the circumstances at the time of the return. The appeal has been granted and the fine does not need to be paid by the parish Council.


245/12/16- To consider and decide upon the following planning applications:

        10.1-16/02969/FUL-Erection of detached dwelling with garage.Willowdene, Church

        Lane Harlington.

        10.2-16/02973/FUL-Proposed erection of new residential dwelling to the rear of 68,

        Doncaster Road.68, Doncaster Road Harlington.

        10.3-16/03029/FUL-Erection of extension to the attached garage.2, The Poplars Barnburgh.


246/12/16-To receive the following planning decisions/information - Clerk

      11.1-16/02356/FUL-Erection of ground and first floor extension to

      existing dormer bungalow to form full 2 storey dwelling.

      Application Approved


247/12/16-To consider matters as requested by Councillors

1–To consider the changing room porta cabin-Cllr Llewellyn. A resident has requested that the cabin be removed on the recreation ground car park. Electrics are in the cabin for the timer for the flood lights. These could be re sited and considered was the timing, as it could be carried out while the work is being carried out on the recreation ground. To be investigated further

2–To consider the tennis court lighting. Cllr Llewellyn. Positioning of the lighting on the new MUGA considered. It was resolved to wait until the MUGA is complete and considered where the lighting would be best placed.

3–To consider the area across from the Village Hall on the building site. Cllr White reported to the Clerk and Cllr T Heptinstall to present information. It was noted that the area is private land, it is fenced off and safe and the Parish Council do not have the power to dictate the use of the area.Cllr G Heptinstall to let the Clerk have the contact details of the owner and send a letter raising resident concerns.

4–To receive information relating to billboards reported by Cllr White. Two areas in the parish Have been reported by residents for the advertising of their companies on billboards. The Clerk informed DMBC and an investigation is under way. Clerk to inform the Parish Council of any further developments.

5–To receive information regarding the dog bins over flowing on Cranemoor Close and Belvoir Ave.Cllr White. The dog bins have now been reported to DMBC and have been emptied.Cllr White informed the meeting that overflowing bins can be reported to My Doncaster app or on Tel:-736000

248/12/16-Financial matter.

To approve the following accounts for payment.


Cheques/electronic  Authorised Payments


Cheque number/

Electronic payment






Clerks Salary


Julia Talbot





Clerks Expenses


Julia Talbot





Gardener/handy man/salary


George Gill






Cq 101421







Cq 101422






Christmas plus/Christmas lights reset timer


Christmas plus Ltd





Grounds Maintenance







Grapevine printing


Brailsford Print





Grapevine Delivery






























Scottish Power.



Statement presented for information only.



Restoration of the recreation ground/Interim payment







Total Payments for December 2016











To receive a bank reconciliation and budget comparison to 30th November.
Bank Reconciliation

Balances brought forward from 30th November 2016

 Community Account                               £86,419.54

                              Total payments           £2,639.49                                                                                                       

                             Total   Receipts           £ 0.00                                                                                   

                              New Total B/f           £83,780.05

Total Payments /December             -    £10,406.20



Unpresented cheques        - £0.00

Account Totals


Community Account                            £83,780.05

Deposit account/reserves                     £ 13,996.47                                            

Carnival account                                  £ 1,712.3      

 Total                                                    £99,488.82


The Clerk presented budget comparisons for the financial year to date.


 249/12/16 - To consider the following new correspondence received and decide action where necessary.

·        The clerk presented information relating to the correspondence, Cllr White sent an email relating to the closure of the Coach and Horses. Information considered relating to a community bid and the costs involved.

·        Residents have contacted the parish Council to inform that the lights have been going off earlier than previous years. The Clerk has contacted the company and the timer to be changed.

·        YLCA have informed the Parish Council that the annual membership is to increase by 13p per elector.



250/12/16-To propose any matters for inclusion on the agenda of the next meeting and agree deadline for notifying Clerk of additional items.

·        The deadline for agenda items is 4th January.

·        Repainting of the telephone box.

·        Budget considerations.

·        Village green.

·        Employment matters.

·        Casual vacancy.

·        Cutting of the hedge/verge down Fox lane.

·        Removal of the TdY bikes in the Parish.


251/12/16-To confirm the date of the next meeting as Wednesday 11th January 2016 at 7.00 pm.