Barnburgh & Harlington Parish Council


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on the Wednesday 12th October   2016, in the Village Hall, Barnburgh.


Present Councillors- T. Heptinstall (Chair), J. Llewellyn, G. Heptinstall, C.White,


Parish Clerk- J Talbot

Ward Councillors- Cllr C Ransome.

Members of the Public-No public present.


188/10/16 - Apologies for absence

None were received.


189/10/16 – Declarations of pecuniary, non-pecuniary, personal and prejudicial interest

Cllr Richards, Cllr Llewellyn. Members of the Barnburgh and Harlington Community Leisure Association.

Cllr T Heptinstall, Cllr G Heptinstall. Finance –quote for tree work from Cllr T Heptinstall.


190/10/16 – Exclusions

None were noted


191/10/16 – Previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 14th September 2016 were agreed as a true record and duly signed by the Chair. 


192/10/16 – Public participation

No members of the public attended the meeting.


193/10/16-Planning Applications and other planning issues.

·     16/02356/FUL-White Gates, Stables Lane Barnburgh-Erection of ground and first floor extensions to existing dormer bungalow to form full 2 storey dwelling. No Objections noted, if privacy of the neighbours is taken in to account on the application.

194/10/16 – Clerks Report

Allotments-A letter has been sent out to all tenant regarding the fires and recent complaints from residents. The Parish Clerk and Cllr Llewellyn attended a meeting with an allotment tenant to discuss the situation. The fire is on one plot that several plot holder use, so it is quite high. We discussed different options for removing waste and to be mindful of the residents. The tenants all agree that fires need to be not during the day and two hours before night fall with the wind blowing in the direction of the fields.

Recreation Ground-At the BHCLA meeting, it was raised about DMBC carrying out inspections on new project play area. The Parish Council health and safety checklists need to be updated for the new play equipment so that the Gardener/handy man can carry out his weekly inspections.

Declarations of Interest-The link from the Parish Councils website to the Parish Councillor declarations of interests on Doncaster Council’s website has been updated



195/10/16 – Issues raised with the Ward Councillors.

·        Garage Bases at Doncaster Road-An email has been sent regarding the adoption of the garage bases as a community space to DMBC, The clerk informed DMBC that The Parish Council are to adopt the area and set up a community group to improve the area. All agreed at the last Parish Council meeting to approach the community group to commence work. Work to commence in the spring.                                                              

·        It has been noted that the street sign at Hollowgate has been removed and the Barnburgh sign coming from Goldthorpe needs replacing as it is in bad condition.Cllr Ransome to investigate further.

·        North End Drive Field-North End Drive Field-At the last meeting it was noted that the field at North End Lane had not been cut and would also benefit from a dog bin as it is used by of dog walkers. The dog bin has been ordered and awaiting installation.

·        Speeding traffic down Hollowgate-Cllr G. Heptinstall contacted DMBC Highways, it was raised that this was a police matter and action would depend on accidents in the area. The police have been contacted with consideration made to carry out speed checks in areas of concerns.Cllr White to liaise with the Police and update the meeting.


 196/10/16 - Correspondence received.

·        YLCA-South Yorkshire Branch meeting-5th October at 7.00pm.

·        YLCA-White rose newsletter.

·        Lisa Godley-PROW draft minutes.

·        Rural Action AGM notification.

·        YLCA-Request for contact details for Chair.

·        YLCA-An invitation to join my community Network

·        Resident –Cemetery Wall

·        DMBC-Precept consultation-Consultation questions discussed and agreed.

·        YLCA-Employer training -All agreed if a course was local the Councillors would like a representative to attend.

·        Resident –Dog Fouling

·        Resident –Clearing of the ginnel at Hollowgate /Scott Ave.


197/10/16 – Restoration of the Church Lane Recreation Ground.

The Clerk updated the meeting on progress of the WREN application.

The WREN paperwork is all ready to be sent just awaiting a renewed quote.

Once WREN receive the paperwork WREN will then release the contract this can take up to two weeks to complete.

BHCLA have requested that a purchase order to be sent to the contractor.

Resolution-All agreed that the Parish Council wish to wait until the WREN contract is received before sending a purchase order to the contractor to commence the work.


198/10/16-Information relating to the PWLB application.

The Clerk informed the meeting that the loan amount of £55,000 has been deposited into the Parish Councils bank account to match fund the WREN project.

£25 fee was paid for arrangement, 1st payment will be due 10th April 2017

£2,072.47 to be paid every 6 month.

With a confirmed fixed interest rate of 1.620% finishing in 2031.



199/10/16-Cemetery Wall

 Cllr T Hetinstall updated the meeting on the progress of the cemetery wall.

The ivy has been removed from the wall to establish the condition of the wall.

The Clerk presented Cllr T Heptinstall with the documents that the late David Packham had in his possession documents relating to the deeds of the cemetery.

Further documents were presented to be considered.


201/10/16-To consider winter flowering.

Cllr T Heptinstall has investigated the costing for the flowering for the planters and village signs. The winter pansies are £1.50 for 6 with a total of 18 require.

Resolution –All agreed to spend £27 for winter flowering, Cllr T Heptinstall to order and invoice to be sent to the Parish Clerk.

202/10/16- Hs2 Update

Cllr White updated the meeting on the progress of the Hs2 committee group, the joint rural parishes are working together to submit the information to the government.

1,100 letters from the joint rural parishes have been received (with 660 coming from Barnburgh and Harlington) Members of the group will take the letters down to Downing Street.

Expenses occurred from the Hs2 Group were present to the Parish Council to approve.

Resolution-To pay the expenses occurred of £36.79 invoice to be paid and presented in next months’ payment schedule.


203/10/16-Casual Vacancies on the parish Council  

The casual vacancy applications were discussed, both to be approached for consideration.Clerk to report to the next meeting.

The further vacancy can now be advertised, this will be added to the website, face book and notice boards.



The Clerk informed the meeting of the findings of the recent inspection of the allotments, carried out by the Parish Clerk and Cllr Llewellyn.

Plots 11, 12 have been sent letters for non cultivation. A further inspection will to be carried out at the end of November.

Letters to be sent out to all tenants regarding access and parking matters.


205/10/16-Water Pump

Cllr T Heptinstall proposed to add a coat of paint to the waterpump, with a possible relocation considered.

Resolution-All agreed to re paint the pump and consider relocation.


206/10/16-PACT meeting update.

Cllr G Heptinstall informed the meeting that the next meeting would be on 13th October at the Mexborough Resource Centre.

Cllr White presented the police report for 1st -12th October.

Parish Matters to be added to the notice boards to update the residents.





207/10/16-Annual Report.

The Annual Report to be prepared for the next meeting and the approved copy added to the December Grapevine.


208/10/16- Accounts for payment

Cheques were presented and signed and electronic payments authorised to the value of £1,444.09


Payment schedule.

Cheques/electronic  Authorised Payments


Cheque number/

Electronic payment



Clerks Salary


Julia Talbot


Clerks Expenses


Julia Talbot


Gardener/handy man/salary




Gardener/handy man/expenses




Grounds Maintenance




Allotments water


Yorkshire Water



Cq 101415













Scottish Power.



Total Payments for October 2016








209/10/16- Bank reconciliation

The clerk presented the paperwork for approval up to Wednesday 14th September 2016; The Payment schedule and Bank reconciliation was agreed and signed by Members present.

The Clerk presented this month’s bank statement for Councillors to sign.

Bank Reconciliation

Balances brought forward from September 2016

 Community Account                               £ 13,879.21                                                                                                                                                   

Receipts                                            +     £ 225.00                                                                                             

Total Payments  October                              -    £ 1,444.09

Unpresented cheques        -  £631.78

Account Totals


Deposit account/reserves      bf                   £ 13,996.47

Receipts                                                     £2.47

Closing Balance                                         £13,997.30


Carnival account                                        £ 1,712.19       

All agreed to add Cllr T Heptinstall and Cllr White to the bank mandate, paperwork has been returned all signatures need to be added to the bank mandate.Completed.

Quotes-The Parish Council considered two quotes for work, one for the cutting of the hedges at the allotments and the other for tree cutting on Church Lane.

Resolution –All agreed to the quotes presented to proceed with the work to be carried out.


210/10/16 – Next Meeting

It was agreed that the next ordinary meeting of the Parish Council would be held on Wednesday 9th November 2016 in the Village Hall, Barnburgh.


211/10/16-To consider any minor matters and items for the next agenda

·        To consider changes to the agenda, The Parish Clerk and Cllr White to investigate further and present a draft to the next meeting to be approved. Items considered the Councillor Surgery times, rules of the public attendance and more information on agenda item headings.

·        To present correspondence to Councillors in a different matter, to trial sending all the correspondence via a zip file before the meeting at the same time the councillor meeting packs are sent out.

·        Cllr T Heptinstall has the deeds/documents for the cemetery. All agreed the solicitors need to be contacted to change contact details. Cllr T Heptinstall also requested copy of archive paperwork in the village store.

·        Website /face book ,Cllr White updated the meeting.Cllr White is now running the face book site