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Do You Know?

Do you know how important our villages and their environs are to local and national history?

Do you know that Barnburgh's original name was Beornburgh.

Do you know that through the years, the spelling of the name Barnburgh has changed regularly. Some historical spellings are Baronburgh, Bernesburghe, Barnburghe, Barnborough and Barmboro.

Do you know that; 'Beorn' was the name of the Saxon overlord who founded the settlement, while 'burgh' is the Olde English word for 'stronghold'.

Do you know that Harlington  The name means  'Hill of Herela's People'  however,  the village was probably named after 'Walter De Harlington' who owned the lands adjacent to Barnburgh.  Unless you know better?

Do you know that the  village of Barnburgh has been around for at least 900 years. Its first recorded appearance is in the Doomsday Book national survey of 1086, when it was called Bernesburghe.

Do you know that there's some evidence that the area was settled as far back as the stone age, around 4000 years ago!  just try the local beer!

Do you know that during Edward the Confessor's reign in 1066, you could have bought the whole of Barnburgh for just 60 shillings! ... that's £3 to our young readers

Do you know of our connection with the most famous Chancellor in the Nations History?

Do you know that we have a connection with the Gun Powder Plot?

Do you know that a local spring was regarded as Holy?

Do you know that we once had our own railway station?

If you know all these things....

Then I need you to help me write the history pages on this site.  This site is read by visitors from all over the world but more importantly it provides a reference for our children and our community. 

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Most of the information contained in these history pages have been taken from

 'A History of Barnburgh' by J Stanley Large published in 1952

and from Joseph Hunters 'History Of South Yorkshire'.